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USEFUL STUFF : Handheld Blender

If you don't already have one of these, it is an absolute must for the kitchen. I use my handheld blender most days-for blitzing homemade soups, sauces etc.


The beauty of this gadget, is that you can pop it straight into the cooking pot you are using so there is no need to transfer hot food and liquids between containers. I am quite a klutz, so if I can avoid spillages and burns I'm on a roll!


I have recommended this one before. It's only £5 from the Sainsbury's basics range. I would suggest that you allow food to cool slightly and take the pan off the hob before blitzing, as I have melted and bent one of these out of shape by being a little over-enthusiastic.
As I use mine so much, I may invest in a slightly more expensive one with a metal end on it in the future, as it's a false economy to keep buying cheap ones!


Happy blitzday!


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