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USEFUL STUFF : Garlic Press

Ever since I started writing this blog and have been describing how to make certain recipes and suggesting equipment which could be useful to you, I have become much more aware of cooking processes and actually, how much strength you need to perform certain tasks in the kitchen!
Strong, delicious flavours are more important than ever if you are eating a low-fat and/or low-salt diet....and of course, garlic is so good for your heart! I use garlic on a daily basis and would be lost without my press.


Pressing garlic is no mean feat-especially if, like some TV chefs recommend, you don't peel the cloves first. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends on how 'macho' I'm feeling on that particular day! I am no wimp, I actually have pretty strong arms, but if I'm pressing several cloves of garlic, it can require some elbow grease! Whichever method you decide to use, here is one piece of kitchen equipment where I would recommend buying as good quality as you can afford. I would also go for one like I have shown, where the handles are gently curved on the edges as, again, it won't hurt your hands when you apply the required pressure.

I have been known to punch out the whole metal mesh part of a low-quality garlic press as it just can't handle the pressure! Then that becomes a false economy as you have to replace it with another press.


Most supermarkets sell pretty good quality garlic presses and I would highly recommend buying one if you don't already possess one.


Another pressing task solved!


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