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SMASH & GRAB : 60's inspired Celery and Cheese

I'm a 60's baby. Not an era of great sophistication in the catering department, but one of great nostalgia for me! I'm also a great fan of the American TV series, Madmen, which celebrates the life and times of the ad men and women of Madison Avenue in the early 1960's. One episode showed a group of women preparing food for a 'gathering'. They were spreading cream cheese onto celery and it reminded me of this great combination!


In order to make this as healthy as possible, I use Weightwatchers cheese triangles. Even though the packaging says one triangle is 1 propoint (25 kcal), you can actually have TWO triangles for 1 propoint.

As with many factors of weightloss, the mind plays a really important part in the process. I realised with this cheese, that if I tell myself it tastes just like mild brie or camembert, it does!
You could also use extra light Philadelphia. A mini 35g pot is only 1 propoint (38 kcal) and goes a long way. If you are weighing the extra light Philly from a large pot, you can actually have up to 50g for 1 propoint.


There is something incredibly pleasing about spreading the soft cheese onto the celery and smoothing it off with a knife-like applying polyfilla and attempting a perfect finish!
Two cheese triangles are enough for 3-4 sticks of celery and makes a great, filling snack to keep you going between meals. As the cheese is quite bland, I sometimes add a generous shake of piri-piri seasoning to liven up this snack.

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Yummy, crunchy, creamy refreshing snacking!


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