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One of the lessons I learnt on my weight loss journey, is that more thought and consideration than ever needs to go into food preparation, so that it looks and tastes exciting!
We tend to get a bit stuck in a rut, because we learn which are the healthy options, so it's sometimes easier to stick with those rather than think outside the box. Then we are in danger of the foods we eat on a regular basis becoming boring and repetitive -and that's when we can fall off the band wagon! Even the same or similar foods can taste different, or just seem more appealing, if presented in a new and exciting way.
This idea is a great example of that.


Sometimes eating a new dish in a restaurant can inspire those ideas. I love Yo Sushi-the Japanese restaurant, and I particularly like their hand rolls which are made from Nori (seaweed sheets). So, this is a bready/wrappy version of those.
I'm so excited about these cornets, I can't wait to share the idea with you! They are a little bit fiddly to make, but well worth the effort.....and the possibilities with fillings for these (both savoury and sweet) are endless.


So...I'll show you how to make the cornets, the best way of filling them successfully, then some of the variations I've come up with...the rest is up to you!

For the cornets you will need:

A Warburtons Squareish Wrap.
(I'm in such trouble if they stop making these-I still have more ideas to show you inventive ways of using them!)

Cut the wrap in half down the short side.

Form a cornet shape, using the cut side of the wrap to form the bottom part. (The uncut side makes a more professional finish for the top of the cornet). Make sure the hole at the bottom is as small as possible and that the cornet is not too thin as you want to be able to fill it efficiently.

Spray a large frying pan with Frylight Sunflower oil spray. Heat it up until the oil is bubbling. With EXTREMELY clean hands, place the cornet in the pan with the 'seam' side down. This is where the magic happens!..... these wraps seem to 'seal' with heat and oil and a little manual pressure. With the tip of your fingers, press firmly along the 'seam' (you can feel it from the inside), until the cornet has formed.

This 'seam' is now fused, and the cornet will not come undone.

Make the other half of the wrap into a cornet, then lightly toast them all the way around in the pan, until a lovely golden colour. If you plan to bake these with a filling inside, you may want to leave them quite pale. If you are going to serve them with a cold filling, you may want them more golden in colour.

Making these reminds me a little of making pancakes-the more you make, the better the just get a 'feel' for them as you progress. The beauty of these is, like pancakes, you can make a batch ahead of when you need them, then warm them gently in the oven or back in the pan.


Now for the arty bit! I find it much easier to fill these in the upright position. You need two hands to work with the cornet, so I like to stand it in a little jug;

So...this first one is a tuna salad cornet wrap.... 

Start by lining the cornet with a beautiful baby gem lettuce leaf. Chop some lettuce up to fill the base of the cone.

Add finely cut strips of vegetables of your choice-spring onion, carrot etc.

Add a dollop of tuna.(I use the Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself range as they are pre-mixed with mayo and flavourings and only 2 pp per tin, approx. 80 kcal).

Then drizzle a small amount of Hellmans lighter than light mayonnaise on the top to 'finish' it professionally. (It takes 2 tablespoons to get to 1 propoint, so this amount is negligible).

Then arrange on your serving plate. These do work beautifully as 'finger food', although they are pretty large and very filling! You could fill both with the same filling;

Or... have a savoury one followed by a sweet one!

This cornet is filled with a small pot of chocolate Philadelphia, then is stuffed with chopped fruit of your choice- blueberries, strawberries and banana in this case. Remember the St. Louis chocolate cones? The chocolate Philly goes all the way through the cornet, so you still get a delicious chocolatey treat all the way to the bottom of this cornet!


If you made this exact combination, it would be 4 propoints (approx.160 kcal) for the tuna cornet, followed by 4 propoints (approx 200 kcal) for the chocolate/ fruit one.
Its a really filling and exciting lunch or snack-for 8 propoints (approx 360 kcal) for BOTH cornet wraps!!!!


Here's another fabulous version- a breakfast cornet!

This is stuffed with cooked tomatoes and mushrooms at the bottom (you could put baked beans in the base!), then a chargrilled slice of crispy parma ham sticks out of the top of the cornet with scrambled egg to finish. I cook the beaten egg in a small bowl in the microwave so that it forms the perfect 'ice-cream scoop' shape!

Finally, dollop tiny spots of Hp sauce, Ketchup and mustard on the plate for dipping. Again, these tiny amounts don't add up but if you feel worried, charge 1 propoint or 40kcal for all the condiments. This one is probably best eaten with a knife and fork!

As shown like this, this breakfast cornet works out to only 5 propoints ( approx.200 kcal)!


That's probably enough for one day, but this idea has no limits. I have made a houmous and chorizo salad cornet, hot, baked pizza cornets, hot apple pie cornets with a dollop of cinnamon creme fraiche, (low fat of course!) on the top, and loads more ideas are formulating. As and when I make other variations, I will add them to this post, so come back and check from time to time!


Wishing you lots of cornetty fun and inventiveness!


soggywetlettuceleaf 4 March 2012 at 18:52

This is ingenious, I completely lack the imagination to think of this so i'm really glad there's people like you to point me in the right direction :)

Janey 4 March 2012 at 19:14

Hooray! Thanks ! But I do love your name soggywetlettuceleaf! Theres so much more I have to say, so keep checking in! x

jane 5 March 2012 at 19:33

looks ace must really get round to making some of your recipes instead of just reading them!!

Janey 5 March 2012 at 20:27

Reading is a good start! x

Anonymous 14 August 2012 at 11:51

I love these wrap ideas Janey! So creative. : )

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