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CUPBOARD LOVE : Straight to Wok Noodles

Pre-cooked noodles are an absolute must for the larder! I always keep some of these in stock. They are individually packaged into single portions, so make life really easy if you are tired or short of time but want something filling and yummy.

They are great for quick stir-fries and are very low fat too. There are loads of varieties and they all have different characteristics,  which I will describe later in this post. 


When I stir-fry noodles, I always use Frylight Sunflower oil and low-salt soy sauce.
Here are my propoint calculations for a selection of the noodles I use most frequently. Please note my calculations are based on the AMOY brand, and other brands may vary. Please check the propoints and calories very carefully if you use something I haven't mentioned below, particularly if you eat more than one packet.
(The points don't double up logically).
Some varieties also come in a gluten-free option. 


The MEDIUM noodles (featured above)are;
6pp/240kcal for 1 packet and 13pp/480kcal for 2 packets.
These are great for stir-frying. They go crispy  if you cook them for long enough, but are also delicious soft.


The UDON noodles are;
5pp/207 kcal for 1 packet and 11pp/414kcal for 2 packets.
These also stir-fry well but won't go crispy as they are thick.


The RICE RIBBON noodles are;
5pp/194kcal for 1 packet and 10pp/388kcal for 2 packets.
These stir-fry well and will crisp to a certain extent, but are also lovely soft.


The RICE noodles are;
4pp/162kcal for 1 packet and 9pp/324 for 2 packets.
These do not stir-fry successfully as they go sticky and clog together if cooked for too long. They are wonderful in clear soups. (I just put them, cold, into the bottom of my serving dish, then pour hot soup on top. The heat of the soup warms up the noodles).


Obviously, there is a huge variety of ingredients which can be added to noodles to make some fabulous dishes. I'll be featuring some of my favourite stir-fry ideas in the SMASH & GRAB section as they only take a few minutes to make.


Oodles of noodles!


Unknown 22 February 2016 at 19:00

Can you add the udon straight to wok noodles to soup?

Janey 22 February 2016 at 19:02

hi there-absolutely!!!! x

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