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If you have been following my recipes, you'll have noticed that I use passata quite frequently. I have experimented with many different brands and varieties and I've concluded that my favourite are these smooth, thick ones. I have a few reasons for this choice; firstly, the consistency is perfect for pizza bases and sauces, secondly, the passata stores much more efficiently in the fridge, once opened, in a glass, screw-top jar - much better than a cardboard carton.


 Most supermarkets sell their own version. You can buy basil and garlic varieties but I prefer to add my own flavourings, sometimes the pre-seasoned ones are a little acidic in flavour.


I also save the jars as they are perfect for homemade soups. These make great little gifts too when visiting family or friends. People always appreciate it when you turn up with homemade jars of nutritious goodness.


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