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I love plants and foliage, but I find that, unless they are under my nose on the kitchen window sill, I tend to forget to water them and they fail to thrive.
I use fresh herbs on a daily basis in my recipes-I am always amazed by the diversity of fragrances and distinctive flavours that different varieties of herb offer.
So, the perfect solution for me, is to have a beautiful, aromatic, fresh basil plant on my kitchen window sill. I use the leaves all the time in my dishes as they are easily accessible and ready to pick. The plant will only sit there for a couple of weeks to then be replenished with a new one....even I can keep a plant alive for 2 weeks!


I find that basil seems to be the most robust of the herb plants and is certainly the herb I seem to use the most frequently in my recipes. In my experience, coriander plants flop about all over the place, so I tend to buy the chopped variety. Same goes for chives and dill. Fresh mint is the easiest and most prolific herb to grow outside-we literally have tons of it in the Summer, and there is nothing more refreshing than fresh mint leaves steeped in hot water and infused for a few minutes. It is the most beautiful, vibrant green you can imagine and the flavour is immense.


So, next time you are at the supermarket, look for the fattest, plumpest basil plant you can find and pop it on your window sill. It brightens up the kitchen and makes you feel like a real chef!


seenthelight 13 March 2012 at 22:46

I am surprised your Basil lasts for a week! I replenish it every single week and even if it gets a bit sad towards the end I only have to sniff and I am transported immediately to Italy! Definitely my fave herb! In fact have a tray of roasted veggies ready to cook tomorrow with addition of basil on the shopping list!!!!

Janey 13 March 2012 at 23:19

Mmmm yummy! x

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