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USEFUL STUFF : Measuring Spoons

If you are serious about losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight, it is imperative that you have a decent set of measuring spoons in your kitchen. Please don't think you can 'get by' with a regular teaspoon or dessertspoon....and do not venture into the 'guessing zone'.....
"That'll do" will definitely not do!


It is so EASY to add propoints or calories unintentionally, really quickly, especially with ingredients like olive oil or sesame seeds.
For example;

1 teaspoon olive oil = 1pp (40 kcal)
2 teaspoons olive oil = 3pp (80 kcal)

1 teaspoon sesame seeds = 1pp (16 kcal)
3 teaspoons sesame seeds = 2pp (48kcal)


Every day utensils do vary in size, but proper measuring spoons will give you an EXACT amount every time, and you can level the ingredient accurately too so that it is not a heaped portion.
This may sound really pedantic to you, but if you are guessing your ingredients on a daily basis, you can see how quickly those little extra propoints or calories can mount up. This can take you over your allowance without you realising....just a couple of extra daily propoints adds up to 14 extra per week!.... Then you will wonder why you are unsuccessful at the scales!
Please measure condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise too-then you don't have to go without because you can build them into your allocation.


I particularly like this set of measuring spoons, as they have a 'slim' end for narrow spice jars and bottles etc., plus they go down to 1/4 of a teaspoon in size. These were around £5 from Lakeland. They are magnetic so do stack rather pleasingly and don't end up all over the drawer....good thinking!

Measure for measure = success!


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