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USEFUL STUFF : Kitchen Scissors

This is probably quite an obvious kitchen essential - one most of you probably have already. I try to keep one pair of scissors specifically for food use in my kitchen, and these ones are dishwasher safe so I use them as I would any kitchen knife.


There are obvious uses, such as snipping chives onto finished dishes;

See post; 'Magical mushroom soup'

...but I use scissors for all sorts of jobs-cutting up pizza,

See post; 'You really can have pizza!'

 ...making croutons,


See post; 'Garlic Toast/Croutons'

...even snipping crispy bacon onto a salad or as a topping for soups;

Recipe to follow soon for this one!

Once you change your mindset that scissors are only for cutting paper or flower stems and start to think of them as a kitchen tool, you will be amazed at the uses you find for them!


 If you have a musician son like me, keep them well hidden, as once they've been used to change a set of electric guitar strings, they're pretty useless!


Scissor happiness!


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