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USEFUL STUFF : The Humble Lemon Squeezer

I watch a great deal of cookery programmes on T.V and I am a big fan of many of the famous chefs. There seems to be trend at the moment to squeeze lemons by hand (through the fingers of the other hand), so that the fingers 'sift' out the pips.


The problem I have with this technique, is that I use lemons and limes in many of my recipes for strong, vibrant flavours. I find that the juice eventually makes my skin sore if I don't use a lemon squeezer, especially on my fingers if I haven't taken my rings off.
Also, there is no waste if you squeeze the fruits properly, and you are pretty much guaranteed to retrieve the pips efficiently with a squeezer. There's nothing worse than crunching down on a bitter little stray pip that has found its way into your delicious dish!


Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!


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