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USEFUL STUFF : Greaseproof & Baking Paper

It's a great idea to keep a roll of
greaseproof/baking paper or parchment in the kitchen, especially if you use as much Frylight Sunflower oil as I do. (See post: CUPBOARD LOVE: Frylight Sunflower Oil). I've found that, although I swear by this low-fat oil, once baked, it leaves a very sticky residue on the baking tray, which is a pain to clean.
If there is a way to avoid too much washing up, that will always get a big YES PLEASE from me....and greaseproof paper is the solution. You can just chuck it away after you have baked your chosen dish.


It's particularly useful for my pizza recipe. (See post: 'You really can have  pizza!') However, be careful not to use paper if the food you are cooking has lots of moisture in it, (like roast veggies, or even when you put mushrooms or pineapple on the pizza. I have found that certain items can still stick, and there is nothing more annoying than having to peel bits of paper off hot food.... it
hurts your fingers AND it's very chewy!!!
You will have to experiment yourselves to see what works (or not) for you. I recommend you stick to dry/dryish foods.


I often use the brown variety- it looks a little like conventional brown paper, but am rather liking this white one too. Both seem to do "what it says on the box" so they both get a big thumbs-up from me.


Bye-bye annoying sticky baking trays!


Soo 20 February 2012 at 10:59

A very welcome tip Janey.

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