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SMASH & GRAB : Naughty Sunday Smore

It's snowing....we're all cooped up at home, so here's a little bonus post for you this week!


 We've all been there.....raided the cupboard and put together a sinful mixture of naughtiness, scoffed it, then regretted it! Yes? Well, this SMORE is a little decadent treat that leaves you with no regrets and lots of satisfaction!
At 3 propoints or 140 kcal
it just hits the spot!
Great with a cup of tea or coffee.


The word SMORE or S'MORE (short for 'some more'), originates from America and Canada. It's a traditional campfire treat of toasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched in-between two biscuits. Don't take 'some more' literally, is enough and the points and calories mount up too fast if you eat more!


You will feel so wicked making these, it's fun and squidgy and yummy!


You will need;

One individual packet
of Weightwatchers cookies.
(There are 2 in a pack for 2pp or 86kcal).
The Oat Choc Chip and Raisin
or Oat Choc Chip work best.
(Nearly always available in Poundland if not in your supermarket).

Pop them on a plate upside-down.
Add 8g chocolate (4g on each half).
(1 propoint or 50kcal).

Break one sugar-free marshmallow in half.
(Propoints and calories for one are negligible).
I have only ever seen sugar-free marshmallows in Sainsbury's but well worth having in the larder for future recipes!

Microwave on high for 20-30 seconds. 
I tend to do it in 10 second bursts and check inbetween each 'zapping' for meltiness of chocolate and marshmallow.
(You want the chocolate to be just melting, but still holding its shape).

Squodge the two halves together until the marshmallow oozes out slightly. Please note my technical term's imperative that you SQUODGE it.


I'm feeling a little guilty that I've introduced you to my cheeky discovery but you have to realise that I am only human.


Wishing you a squodgy, squidgy Sunday.


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