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SMASH & GRAB : Strawberry and Grape 'Fruitypops'

These look far too posh to be in the SMASH & GRAB section, but they are so easy to make I had to put them here!
These chocolate-dipped fruits are so pretty and vibrant, look very professional and are a lovely treat, especially for the weekend.


If you have friends or family who are watching their weight or like to eat low fat food, this is a thoughtful, healthy treat and will be much appreciated.
They are also fun to make (and eat!) with kids.


I often make them, wrap them in cellophane like a 'fruit bouquet' for little thank you gifts. 

They are an unexpected change from chocolates or wine and are much less propoints or calories!


YOU WILL NEED:(For each 5 fruitypops)

5 strawberry 'fruitypops' are 2 pp/approx.100 kcal for the WHOLE LOT.

 5 large chilled strawberries
(Choose beautifully-shaped strawberries with healthy, pretty leaves on).
8g good quality plain chocolate
1-2 teaspoons sugar sprinkles
Bamboo skewers

Weigh out the ingredients and pop into small dishes.

Leave the green foliage on the strawberries but remove the spiky stalk using scissors.

Thread the strawberries onto the skewers carefully so that they 'sit' perfectly, like lollipops.

Melt the chocolate in a pan over hot water or in the microwave. If microwaving, go slowly, in short 10 second bursts on half power, so that it doesn't 'catch' and burn.
With a teaspoon, carefully coat the top third of each strawberry with chocolate, then dip the end into the sprinkles.
You only need a few, just to add a little colour. 

Pop into a glass or pretty jug to dry and display.


Grapes work beautifully too - especially 3 skewered together like exotic flowers, or little stacked psychedelic acorns!

Have some fun with this idea-make mixed bouquets or leave a jugful on the table in the kitchen for people to help themselves to as they pass.

Pretty, funky, fruitypops!



Add a 'snow-capped' white chocolate top for Christmas fruitypops. Just remember to calculate the propoints/calories for the white chocolate.

Make little Christmas bundles for friends.

Fruitypops make a fantastic impact for a celebration. Make a base using florists' oasis. Arrange a huge display and wrap in spotty cellophane.

I also added some little elongated flags and miniature bunting made with skewers and washi tape to mine.



Here's my little film on YouTube which shows you how to make these...
Click HERE to see.
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Soo 28 February 2012 at 16:11

They look very nice and a great idea to wrap them.

Janey 28 February 2012 at 17:15

They are so yummy and so pretty Soo! x

Janette 17 August 2014 at 23:22

What a clever, simple, delicious and healthy idea!

Unknown 26 May 2017 at 09:37

What a clever, s

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