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SMASH & GRAB : Chocolate Philly Fruit Dip

So...yesterday I reviewed this clever little pot of magic, Chocolate Philadelphia.
(See post;
'CUPBOARD LOVE:Chocolate Philadelphia')


There are endless ways of using this product and I know this is crazily simple, but I wanted to show you how, with the right presentation, this becomes a sophisticated little snack for only 2 propoints!
(The philly is 86 kcal then add calories for the grapes, depending on how many you use).


Sometimes, just by selecting the appropriate serving dish, you can transform something that may seem quite basic into something pretty extraordinary.

So,from an everyday snack...
To a beautifully-presented dessert.

Obviously, this is fab with any fruit of your choice, but to me, the dusky, red grapes contrasted with this simple piece of slate,  little hand-made serving dish and fondue fork for dipping makes this the perfect dessert or snack and it's fun to eat like this too!


So..."SMASH & GRAB" it, or take some time presenting it in an original way-I swear it tastes better!


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