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SMASH & GRAB : Banana Porridge 2 ways

I always think of those "Smash & Grab" moments as being the times when we come into the house starving hungry, ready to devour anything in sight. However, I thought it might be useful to show you a simple, filling, quick breakfast idea I've been using recently,(particularly in this cold Winter weather), if you are in a rush to go out in the morning.


Our Mothers were always right- "You need a good breakfast inside you!" It kick-starts the metabolism and your body will know you are looking after it.


We all know that porridge is a healthy way to start the day. I usually make mine with 30g porridge oats which is 3 propoints or approximately 120kcal. I always make it with water,(150ml). I have found that makes quite a small bowlful, so quite often, I slice a banana on the top (0 propoints or approx 100 kcal), to make it more filling, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and granular sweetener and a tiny topping of soya milk to make it creamy.

In this freezing weather, I've made a new version of this which is really yummy, warming and so satisfying.....and seems to make the porridge oats go much further.

Start by mashing a banana. (0 propoints or approx 100 kcal).

Add 30g porridge oats (3 pp or approx 120 kcal) to the banana. Mix together well. Add 150ml cold water and mix again. Microwave on high for 2 minutes, stir then cook for another minute if neccessary. Add cinnamon and sweetener to taste. If you pour a little cold milk on the top remember to add propoints or calories, depending on how much you use.

The combination of hot, creamy banana, comforting cinnamon porridge and cool milk is divine and will set you up nicely for the morning.


Please Sir, can I have some more?


Janette O'Neil 11 February 2012 at 06:48

Yum. just made this for breakfast!

Soo 11 February 2012 at 10:05

I feel warmer already!!

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