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SMASH & GRAB : Garlic Toast / Croutons

A great accompaniment to have with a mug of soup. (Especially good with my "Magical mushroom soup"). I'm going to show you two recipes in one. Same ingredients, just slightly different cooking methods. Both very quick.
Only 3pp (approx.100kcal)


You will need:
(per portion)

1 Warburtons Sandwich Thin
(3 propoints or 100 kcal)
These are pre-split for convenience.
I keep these in the freezer.
This recipe works best with 
a frozen sandwich thin.

1 clove garlic
(0pp or 7kcal)


Carefully run a sharp knife across the pre-cut split in the frozen sandwich thin to separate it into two halves.
Rub the peeled clove of garlic onto each half. This was a fabulous little accidental discovery; because the bread is frozen and has a rough texture, it kind of 'grates' or 'smushes' the garlic evenly onto the bread.


At this stage, decide if you are going to make garlic toast or croutons. If you opt for garlic toast, just pop the garlic-rubbed bread into the toaster and toast until lightly golden.
(The toast makes a great accompaniment to my  "Tuscan Fish Ragù"). 
The smell that emanates around the kitchen is fabulous! 

If you opt for croutons,
cut the sandwich thin into small
but chunky squares.
(I use scissors, I just find it easier).

Spray a small frying pan with
Sunflower Frylight oil. Put the squares
garlic-side-down and fry until golden, then flip them over and fry for a minute or so.
They cook very quickly.

Pop into a ramekin dish and serve alongside a bowl or mug of soup....
or just nibble them as a snack.


Gorgeously garlicky!


seenthelight 5 February 2012 at 08:43

What I love about your ideas is your inventive ways. I have been using the Warburtons Sandwitch Thins with soups including my weekly top up huge pan of Magical Mushroom Soup - but never thought of the addition of garlic!!!! Or the crouton tip. Love this blog more and more!!!!!

Janey 5 February 2012 at 14:30

Hooray! Having the desired effect then! I set out to inspire....... x

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