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CUPBOARD LOVE : Angel Hair Spaghetti

Angel Hair Spaghetti, or 'Capelli d'angelo', is a great alternative to regular spaghetti. There are two main reasons why I tend to use it instead of other types of pasta...
Firstly, it cooks in no time at all (2-4 minutes). Secondly, because the portion appears larger, as you get more 'strands for your grammes' because it is so fine.
A 70g (7pp or approx. 280 kcal) serving is an ample amount when served with a sauce.


As we all know, successful weight loss starts with a mindset, and the psyche plays an important role all the way along the journey. So, if we can convince our eyes and brains that in front of us sits a generous bowl of food, our stomach will feel good and satisfied.


  I have to add here, that the 
"cupboard Love" section of the blog has done me and my kitchen a great favour. Each time I have photographed a product to show you over the past couple of weeks, I realised how messy my larder had become, so it had a good tidy today and all the out-of-date stuff got chucked away!
A very cleansing process.

My halo is positively sparkling.


Soo 4 February 2012 at 12:19

I'm impressed, lol

Janey 4 February 2012 at 14:15

Me too! Very out of character.....maybe the 'Angel' spaghetti influenced me! x

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