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SMASH & GRAB : Tuna Toastie

You know when you come into the house and you are DESPERATE for something to eat? You want to stuff your face with the first thing you set eyes on?
 This is the danger zone!
So, this section is called 
"Smash and Grab", and will have easy-peasy quick ideas for savoury and sweet snacks which I guarantee you will be eating within 5 minutes, and will save you from yourself.


The trick is to have the fridge and larder well-stocked with the basic ingredients or components then they are ready and waiting for you.

Tuna Toastie
(4pp or approx 160 kcal)
 You will need:

A Warburtons Square-ish wrap.
(yes-I know I love these - promise they're not in every recipe!)

Cut it in half and only use half.(2pp/80kcal)
Halve it lengthways.
Fold it.
Stick it in the toaster.

Open a tin of Sainsbury's
 "Be good to yourself"

(This comes in 3 varieties, calories vary from 77-90 depending on the flavour. You get 3 tins in each pack)

Unfold the toasted wrap.
Dollop the tuna on one half.
Add a couple of basil leaves and a grind of black pepper.
Fold back up and get your choppers round it!
It's crispy on the outside, bready on the inside, generous on the tuna and no damage done!


If you are really hungry and have a couple more propoints spare, use the whole wrap. This one has red cabbage, fresh coriander, cucumber and spring onion with the tuna...




Steph UK 1 February 2012 at 22:32

I'll second this idea, it is so filling and tasty. I much prefer the Sainsbury's range to the WW equivalent but it's all a matter of choice really. I like the coronation tuna on Ryvita too - especially if I fancy a crunchy moment.

Janey 4 February 2012 at 14:31

Absolutely Steph....The flavoured tunas are a great filling for jacket potatoes too, and for salad toppings when the weather gets a bit warmer! x

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