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SMASH & GRAB : Pretty Pavlovas

If you need cheering up after a hard day, or a friend pops in unexpectedly, or you just want to feel indulged without the guilt, then this is a perfect little treat. You could even serve these at a dinner party and I'm sure your guests would be very happy.


I know what you're thinking. Why would I put this decadent-looking dish in the
"smash and grab" section of the blog?
 If I told you this plate of delightful little treats took me 5 minutes to prepare, I would be exaggerating. It took no more than 60 seconds!
 Think sweetness, creaminess, gooeyness and decadence.....and to top it all, one of these pretty pavlovas is only 1 propoint!
(around 65 calories). 


You will need:

A pretty plate and a good quality 
meringue nest.
(1 propoint or 52 calories).
Please note that 2 meringue nests are 3 propoints.

One pot of Weightwatchers
layered fromage frais.
(This dish is really, really sweet. If you prefer, you could use 0% fat greek yoghurt).

Dollop  a tablespoon of fromage frais 
onto the meringue.(Make sure you swirl some of the fruit puree through the fromage frais).


There is enough fromage frais in one pot to make 4 pavlovas. If you only eat one pavlova, you don't need to propoint the tablespoon of fromage frais. However, if you eat two pavlovas, you will need to charge 1 propoint for the fromage frais.
(For calorie counters, each pot is 47 calories, so calculate according to how much you consume).

Arrange fruit of your choice on the top. Keep it simple and delicate.
"Less is more".
If you are making more than one, make each one different.

Finally, embellish the plate with more fruit, then tuck in!

So, to recap;
One pavlova is 1 propoint
(or 65 calories).
 Two pavlovas is 4 propoints  
(3 pp for two meringues
plus 1 pp for the fromage frais).
(Around 150 calories).


Guilt-free decadence!


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