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SMASH & GRAB : Houmous and Crunchy Veggies

A great little filler to tide you over between meals..... I know this is a crazily simple idea but one I thought worth mentioning!

Sainsburys  do these lovely little "Be good to yourself" reduced fat houmous pots. You get three pots in a pack and each individual pot is 3pp (or 100 kcal). When you are in that desperate eating mode, you know you can safely grab one of these and you don't even have to get the scales out!
Just cut up a load of carrot and cucumber into chunky sticks, arrange them on a plate so it feels like a 'mini' meal, then dip and chomp away! It's really nutritious, pretty filling and should stop you reaching for the biccies!
I often have a snack like this at my terrible "5 o'clock munchies" time of day when it's too early for dinner but dinnertime feels so far away!


A little word of warning......the packaging says that a 30g serving is 1pp or 50 kcal and it's easy to assume they mean each pot is a 30g serving.....but it's not, it's 60g! You will definitely want the whole pot so make sure you charge the right amount which I have calculated for you above. 
 These little mistakes are so easy to make but can jeopardise all your good work and take you over your allocated propoints or calories. Always check the packaging and calculate if you have any doubts.


Happy crunching!


Leo35 27 January 2012 at 05:21

Love your blog. What a lot of really useful info and ideas. I'm about to forward the link to a few friends. JL xx

Janey 27 January 2012 at 07:20

Thanks! X

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