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CUPBOARD LOVE : Cherry Tomatoes

We all know about tinned tomatoes- plum, chopped etc., but these whole cherry tomatoes bring home-cooking into a different league. There is something about the addition of these to a homemade pasta sauce that seems to hit the authentic Italian note we all strive for.


Most of the supermarkets seem to do them.(I've even seen yellow ones before which look quite interesting). They are slightly more expensive than the basic ones, but well worth the extra pennies. You can still 'bulk out' a sauce or dish with a tin of regular chopped tomatoes in addition to these, if you are making a large quantity of sauce.


They are 0pp or 94kcal per tin.
I use them in quite a few of my recipes so it may be worth stocking up on a couple of tins for future use! I have some yummy recipes coming up over the next few weeks, such as chargrilled squid spaghetti and Tuscan fish stew, which will benefit from the addition of these tinned cherry tomatoes.


Wishing your kitchen cupboards a future of tomatoey deliciousness!


seenthelight 19 January 2012 at 15:22

What is this one recipe a week business! I can't keep up with you! No crumpets in the house but tried a teaspoon of the p.nut butter idea (11g) on a Rowan Hill Scottish Syrup Pancake - cost me 4 points but worth it. Crumpets now on list for next week!

Janey 19 January 2012 at 17:42

Great stuff! Make sure you buy the slightly thinner crumpets (8 in a pack) as they are the ones that tend to be 2pp each and 2 for 4pp. Always double check when you buy as I have found they vary enormously brand by brand and often can add up to 5pp for two crumpets!
Also-was hoping not to bamboozle you with too much info! It is only 1 recipe a week .......the other posts are about ingredients, equipment or quick no-think snacks! xxx

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